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From Etherique Realm to Etheric Archives. 

Book 2: The Peacekeeper is currently in the works! But so is another “etheric” project… I know some of you (who follow my poetry blog) already heard about this, but for those of you who haven’t: The launch of a self-growth site I co-created just happened a day or so ago. It’s packed with tons of free content covering three main topics: Wisdom, Wealth, and Wellness. There’s also a free gift available (an audiobook revealing 21 success secrets). New articles will be featured 1-2 times a week. 

The reason I’m sharing this on my fantasy book series’ blog is because what I’ve been doing with EA directly fuels my passion of writing SABL and vice versa. Wisdom is of main focus for both the book and the website. My poetry too. 


Feel free to check it out and give us a follow! 🙂

“The Escapist Will Make an Escapist out of You…” Book Review by Heather McCabe

“When one thinks fantasy (at least when I think fantasy), one thinks long–to the point of reader’s exhaustion… but not this book! I was able to read this in a few hours and I prefer that. Every page was full of value, from in-depth character development of not just protagonists, but foes and even “minor” characters as well, to highly unique world-building (I place emphasis on the word unique here). Xanthopoulos even goes as far as to create one-of-a-kind names for each and every single character, food, place, etc. My personal favorite is ‘King Zollamedes’… Try googling that. You won’t find it anywhere, unless it’s SABL related.

What I like AND dread the most is the cliff-hanger at the end. The only reason I dread it is because I MUST FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. The author did an impeccable job of making the reader want more. Do I really have to wait until summertime to find out what happens?? D:

If you’re looking for some bulky fantasy series with slow-moving action and just-as-slow character development, then the “Sought After Blood Lines” series is NOT for you. Sorry.

But if you’re open to entering a magical (magickal, as the author spells it), fast-paced world that is unlike any other you have come across, then be ready to fall in love… with the writing style, the characters (especially the characters), and the keen attention to detail (without using too much unnecessary wordage).

I’m a SABL fan even though I’ve only read Book 1. Can’t wait until Book 2.

One last thing: I seriously cannot believe she’s a first-time author in fantasy. Her mastery of fantastical language is just wow. Maybe it’s because of her poetry background?” -Heather McCabe (Reviewer on Goodreads)

Thank you, Heather! 🙂 I really appreciate the review.

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SABL Book 1 PROMO this week only!


Happy Febrrr-ary, everybody! To kick off this month on a fantastically epic note, The Escapist (Sought After Blood Lines Book 1) will be available for ONLY $0.99 in the Amazon Kindle Store. (That’s a whopping 67% off the original price of $2.99.)

*This promo will be for a LIMITED TIME and will last until February 8th 12am PST.*

While the primary genre of this series is Fantasy, there’s also an undeniable Romantic element, making this the PERFECT Valentine’s Day gift—as long as your Valentine is okay with fast-paced Romance Fantasy books and cliffhangers galore. But an e-version will not do. That’s why I’m also offering a limited time redemption code for the paperback version, which can be used in the CreateSpace eStore. Use code 6DDX3VZ7 during checkout. Discount = 30% off! –> NOW $7, WAS $9.99 <–

The awesome news is if you’re a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber, SABL Book 1 will ALWAYS be $0.00.  And same goes with Book 2 and 3 when they come out.

Dark and thrilling fantasy novel: Visions of Zarua

A wonderful review of a Fantasy Book that I’d love to read myself sometime! 🙂


visions of zarua

I was kindly sent a free digital copy of this book from the author Suzanne Rogerson.  It’s a wonderful fantasy book.  Links for the author’s website and other sites are below the review.

This is my review of Visions of Zarua:

This is a dark and thrilling fantasy book that really keeps you gripped from beginning to end.  Set in the world of Paltria, where there is magic, wizards and dark creatures, Paddren and his friends begin their journey by trying to save his master Kalesh.  But when Kalesh is found dead they must find out why and their search reveals the dark and sinister past haunting Paltria.

This book is one of the best fantasy books I’ve read to date!  From the very first chapter I was hooked to read more and it isn’t many books that truly keep you reading from the very beginning to the very end. …

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“A fantasy story that breaks cliches.” – SABL Review by Mana G.


“A sorcerer, a curse, a dragon… what more could you want? Granted, they don’t come in the order listed. This fantasy book by Eva Xanthopoulos is quite exceptional and breaks quite a few stereotypes and cliches as it develops. I was able to form emotional connections nearly right away when a new character was introduced (a true mark of good writing) and I wasn’t ever overwhelmed with detail- the writing was lean and didn’t waste my time with extra ‘fluff’ that could easily be cut out.

It’s a solid read- it took me about three hours to read overall and kept my interest for nearly the whole time. Vyvianna goes through a tremendous amount of character development (I would hope for nothing less- she’s the protagonist after all) as she gets herself out of trials. The author doesn’t let any of the characters off the hook, which was so pleasant, exciting, and refreshing to read about.

All in all, I’m looking forward to the rest of this series. I also feel the need to point out that the book is properly formatted and very well edited. Recommended for middle school school and up.” -Mana G.

Thank you, Mana G.! I appreciate the thoughtful review. 🙂

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