“The Escapist Will Make an Escapist out of You…” Book Review by Heather McCabe

“When one thinks fantasy (at least when I think fantasy), one thinks long–to the point of reader’s exhaustion… but not this book! I was able to read this in a few hours and I prefer that. Every page was full of value, from in-depth character development of not just protagonists, but foes and even “minor” characters as well, to highly unique world-building (I place emphasis on the word unique here). Xanthopoulos even goes as far as to create one-of-a-kind names for each and every single character, food, place, etc. My personal favorite is ‘King Zollamedes’… Try googling that. You won’t find it anywhere, unless it’s SABL related.

What I like AND dread the most is the cliff-hanger at the end. The only reason I dread it is because I MUST FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. The author did an impeccable job of making the reader want more. Do I really have to wait until summertime to find out what happens?? D:

If you’re looking for some bulky fantasy series with slow-moving action and just-as-slow character development, then the “Sought After Blood Lines” series is NOT for you. Sorry.

But if you’re open to entering a magical (magickal, as the author spells it), fast-paced world that is unlike any other you have come across, then be ready to fall in love… with the writing style, the characters (especially the characters), and the keen attention to detail (without using too much unnecessary wordage).

I’m a SABL fan even though I’ve only read Book 1. Can’t wait until Book 2.

One last thing: I seriously cannot believe she’s a first-time author in fantasy. Her mastery of fantastical language is just wow. Maybe it’s because of her poetry background?” -Heather McCabe (Reviewer on Goodreads)

Thank you, Heather! πŸ™‚ I really appreciate the review.

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8 thoughts on ““The Escapist Will Make an Escapist out of You…” Book Review by Heather McCabe

  1. Author Eva Xanthopoulos has sculptured a beautiful world filled with discovery. The character of Vyvianna and her love for the orphans of Eternicca is heartwarming. She has written a finely-crafted fantasy book that will take your mind for a ride! Each chapter is unique, especially The Kingdom of Hrissa, Setting of the Golden Globes, Transmutation, and Union. “Sought After Blood Lines” Book 1 is a wonderful, well-written book! I did not want it to end, although the last chapter is spectacular. There will be another, and I can’t wait to read it!

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