“Sought After Bloodlines: The Escapist”, by Eva Xanthopoulos – A Review

Thank you for the review, Oloriel! 🙂

Color me in Cyanide and Cherry


“Sought after bloodlines” The Escapist is a new and exciting book, the first part in a trilogy, and it makes you want to engage into the worlds and characters presented. This book combines the fantasy elements I really like and the writer took great care to show Etherique realm will not only be loved by the reader, but she as well. The dreamlike and cruel realm is presented in a simple yet magical language. The book is accessible to readers of all ages and the characters feel amazingly real. A contrast to that, the many magickal creatures that you will discover in this book indeed feel magickal and less like a slave to rules of human origin, which is a detail I especially liked. Each creature has its own lineage and story that is different and intertwined with the fates of others, which is what makes a fantasy book interesting…

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