Creatures in SABL #2: The Astrobird


Name: Astro (means “star” in Greek)
Gender: It
Creature Type: Astrobird
Also Known As: Messenger Bird, Feathered Fellow
Origin: The Kingdom of Eternicca
“Companion Creature” Of: King Zollamedes
Size: Can fit in the palm of your hand.
Colors: Blue, blue, and more blue!
Magickal Traits: Leaves a trail of stardust behind. Extremely fast flyer. Born with a inner locator/compass; It knows where it’s going at all times, even when carrying messages to complete strangers.

Book 1 Update:
Let’s just say some lovely readers who received ARC copies have given me extremely helpful feedback (thank you x100!), so the final revision process continues.

However, I made a promise to not only myself, but to you fellow WordPressers, that the book (print version) would be available by Chistmastime, and it shall be (on Createspace). I don’t know the exact day when it’ll be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retail sites. CS estimates about 3-5 days upon publication. As always, I’ll keep you posted! 😀

The Kindle Edition will take a bit more time because the formatting needs to be entirely different.


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