Exotic Foods in SABL

  • Yolekin: A magickal root that looks just like ginger, except it’s indigo in hue. The flavor is very bitter, but once enough nectar is added to it, it tastes phenomenal. Yolekin also makes a great sweetened tea. Some Etheriquens brew a star-shaped mint leaf along with it.
  • Orange Berries: Think cranberries, but citrus-flavored.
  • Nectar-bread: Pumpernickel Bread sweetened by the nectar of flowers. And if you don’t want something sweet, try the garlicked & herbed pumpernickel bread variety.
  • Iziga Melon: Dark blue exterior with a blue interior. It looks similar to a watermelon, but tastes more like the sweetest blueberry you have ever tasted.
  • Extra Virgin Alister Seed Oil: Alister seeds come from the deep violet alister wildflower. It has a nutty flavor and is the purest oil in all the realm.
  • Hearty Root Veggies with Yolekin Dressing: There’s only a tiny bit of yolekin in the dressing—most of it is made of nectar and spices  (cinnamon and cloves). It’s usually made with purple and yellow carrots, sweet potatoes, and caramelized rutabagas. Etherique Realm may not be Earth, but they still have some of the same vegetables!
  • Prana Fish: a forbidden food (in Eternicca anyway—only because it’s magickal and King Zollamedes hates magick unless it benefits him). Etheriquens regard creatures as our companions (never our food or even pets. But if one were to eat it anyway, it doesn’t really matter because these fish (much like most creatures in the realm) can never be killed. Once they sense danger, they self-replicate and place their entire Etherique essence (life force) into the double. What the person ends up eating is an “empty vessel” (a soulless, sensation-less object that’s still edible).

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