The Ending of Book 1!?

Vyvianna decides she’s grown quite tired of having her story edited, re-written, and edited once again, so she does the unthinkable: she quits! I suppose protagonists can do that when they’re put under A LOT of pressure…

…I hope you know I’m just kidding! I of course wouldn’t include spoilers on this blog. I’m all about the teasers. (I’m sure that can get a tad bit annoying from time to time.) Sorry. ^_^

But you’ll find out what happens once SABL is on Amazon and CreateSpace, which hasn’t changed… It will still be available by Christmastime. 😀

Warning: Seeing as this is a series, don’t expect all loose ends to be tied during those last few pages of Book 1.

I’ve given out some ARCs (Advance Reading Copies) to several people in return for 100% honest feedback (no one I know in real life, so the review won’t be biased). If you’re interested in receiving a FREE ARC to read and review, then please let me know and I’ll happily send one your way. Again, we cannot know each other in person.

Thank you!

I envision the Palace of Hrissa looking a little something like this.


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