DESCRIPTION for Book 1: The Escapist

In the impoverished Kingdom of Eternicca during 200 A.S. (After Sorcery), an enchanted barrier keeps all of the townspeople ignorant and imprisoned. Seventeen-year-old VYVIANNA HARTE is amongst the captives and possesses a peculiar secret acquired from a magickal lineage that if discovered, will lead to her untimely death or even worse—lifelong torture.


When Vyvianna’s worst nightmare becomes a soul-wrenching reality, she seeks assistance from a reluctant, silver-horned dragon who refuses to rid her of her self-proclaimed curse. But it is with the help of a young man named LEONELLE and a mysterious yellow butterfly that she embarks on a journey of freedom and self-discovery outside of Eterniccan borders.

As soon as KING ZOLLAMEDES unveils her secret, he aims to get back what is so rightfully his—no matter how many lives he needs to take in the process. But Vyvianna has never been one to give up, despite the adversity she and Leonelle face along the way. While new alliances are formed and friendship blossoms into a love more powerful than all of Etherique Realm’s magick combined, an impending darkness hovers. And it is this darkness that will be Vyvianna’s ultimate test.


All photos from Flickr: The Commons.


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