Official COVER REVEAL for Book 1: The Escapist


It’s not too much of a change from the original, apart from the extended black line to the spine of the book, “The Escapist” text, and the black diamond encasing the number 1.

This cover is also teeming with motifs that are prevalent throughout Book 1 (the color green, gold, a mysterious yellow butterfly, the diamond, the various lines, etc.). The sword (Blade of Haelen) actually foreshadows something that’s going to happen in Book 2: The Peacekeeper, which will be coming out around summertime. Basically, these covers will serve as teasers for what’s to come next, and also what to expect in the current book.

I’m going to receive the book proof by the 14th, which is super exciting! Once I confirm everything, then it’ll take a few days before Book 1 (the paperback version) is officially available to purchase on the CreateSpace e-Store and on Amazon!

I of course will keep everyone posted here on the blog and on my mailing list. πŸ™‚ Have a happy weekend, everybody. ❀


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