SABL BOOK TRAILER Release + Something Far More Important!

Hi there everyone,
I just wanted to share the Book Trailer for Sought After Blood Lines:

With all of the tragedy surrounding our planet (especially lately), something like a book trailer or fantasy novel doesn’t exactly seem that important. In fact, a part of me feels guilty for continuing my projects when other people are in pure agony. But other than giving to charity or physically going to France, Lebanon, and the other places affected to help, all I can really do is live fully, honestly, and lovingly by attempting to add some light in the world. The best way I can do that is through story-telling; creating.

While writing won’t bring back the innocent lives lost, that’s my form of “helping” and I know yours can be though a similar form of creativity or something entirely different. If your intention is to inspire, love, and/or uplift in any way, shape, or form, then you’re treading on a noble path, my friend.

The connection I’d like to make with this book I’ve been working on is that of Unity. The story starts out with separated kingdoms within a realm that was once united and harmonious. All of a sudden, something different (magick) appeared in the realm, which ultimately led to separation and war due to opposing views and superiority complexes.

One of the main themes of Sought After Blood Lines is to find that oneness again by first realizing it within yourself. Whether you’re French, Lebanese, German, or from a small village in an area unknown to most, we are more connected to one another than you can even imagine. An ocean apart or countries apart,  it doesn’t matter. A baby girl’s life in Spain is JUST AS VALUABLE as a middle-aged man’s life in India. And we can’t forget about all living things on our planet and beyond either. Being too human-centric or anything-centric doesn’t tend to be a good thing.

Now one might say something along the lines of, “What about bad people? A killer’s life isn’t valuable.” I’d like to think I’m quite compassionate, but I have always struggled to be compassionate toward people who hate so much, that they would kill not only one person, but dozens, hundreds–even thousands. But I refuse to believe that evil is born. Evil seems to almost always be birthed from ignorance, and in some cases, brain-washing. Then again, my personal experience is quite limited. To wrap up this thought, I’d like to ask… Does hating someone hateful or murderous make the world a better place? Also… What does the world really need more of: Love or Hate?

I don’t want to keep on blabbering here, so I’ll start bringing things to a close.


A special thank you to…
Adrian von Ziegler for the enchanting music.
Apollo Poetry and Cate Hogan for the generous book praise.
Robert Schubert for creating an epic 3D version of the book itself.
-And I can’t forget about the amazing cover artist, Christopher Zakrzewski.


Also, I’ll be announcing the winners of that book giveaway sometime next week. If you’d still like to enter, it’s not too late. Remember to tweet me @EvaPoeteX with the hashtag #EvaPoetexBookGiveaway or simply email me at evax22[at]gmail[dot]com



I hope you’re enticed! 😉


12 thoughts on “SABL BOOK TRAILER Release + Something Far More Important!

  1. Enticed? Beyond telling, of course! So far as all of the tragedy of the world is concerned, Tolkien wrote The Hobbit, C. S. Lewis most of The Chronicles of Narnia during WWII. Dorothy Sayers wrote novels and plays during WWII … so actually it IS good. We need to keep dreaming, hoping, praying, working and creating! Thank YOU!

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  2. I cannot agree more with you about world needing more love, and it is precisly from art that we can get it. I am also troubled by the same question as you, about the bad people, the killers, the rapists. I find myself hearing about them and seeing them and at the same time, I seep with rage and call for their death, but at the same time my soul pains for them and cries. It makes me think that this is why some of us have a carrier choice of professional police and such, they take the sacrifice or feeling this pain, that no matter whose life you take, be it a murderer who you can say deserves it or not, your soul is going to ache.

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