Who is your favorite Magick-Weilding Character of all time?!

From expelliarmus-weilding wizards like Harry Potter  to incredible mind-reading vampires like Akasha and Marius—there are A LOT of fictional characters and creatures who are magickal in one way or another.

Who is your favorite? And better yet, who would you pick to save you from a pack of hungry, rabid wolves or some other sort of imminent danger?

I’d choose The Doctor from Doctor Who. Sure, he may not be a wizard or some supernatural being, but he is a Time Lord who can travel all of time and space in a little blue police box that’s bigger on the inside… A Magician of Time itself. 😉

31 thoughts on “Who is your favorite Magick-Weilding Character of all time?!

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      • Absolutely! Besides, all of us fantasy lovers have to admit, Tolkein was an awesome pioneer of fantastical adventure!!! My god! He literally created an entire world ~ which most people don’t realize ~ in Middle Earth…. So much only recently (or fairly recently) published, as edited by his son, Christopher … and hats off to him, too, for preserving and perpetuating his father and Middle Earth! (Okay, enough of my going maniac! LMAO)

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  2. I still remember Zane from Piers Anthony’s Book “On a Pale Horse” being one of my first “sci-fi” readings. The book remains among my most beloved classics… perhaps my own morbidity shining through? Her certainly wielded a sort of magic, and debunked the idea of the ‘classic grim reaper’. He remains my favorite. Bring it on Anthony… send me your Zane on his Pale Horse……

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  3. For me, it’s between Gandalf and Magik of the X-Men. In case you don’t read the comics, Magik is Colossus’s little sister, who happens to be the ruler of the limbo underworld. She’s powerful, wields a soul powered sword and has a great sense of humour.

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