Golden Heart Syndrome β™₯

A heart of gold is a key motif in Sought After Blood Lines. That’s why there’s one featured in the column on the right. πŸ™‚

What I’ve come across since the beginning stages of writing this novel has been quite eerie. I’ve been seeing/hearing about this motif everywhere! Needless to say, Etherique Realm seems to be bleeding into this reality.

It all started when I went to visit my mother. As I approached the kitchen table to join her for our Greek-inspired dinner (nothing like what those poor Eterniccans get to eat), I noticed a huge heart-shaped candy wrapped in golden foil. I asked her where it came from and she said someone gave it to her.

Plus, the song “Gold” by Adventure Club seems to play quite frequently on Pandora every time I tune in. Sure, no literal heart is involved in the song itself, but the lyrics really align with SABL’s overall storyline. Pardon the pun, but they do “have heart.”

And to top it all off, a frequent client of mine told me I have a heart of gold, which I’d like to think is true, even though, like Vyvianna’s heartβ€”it’s been nicked several times.

β™₯Β Β  β™₯Β Β  β™₯

There are a few more instances, but the point of this post is this: You draw into your life what you most think about. I’m obviously spending LOTS of my time immersed in the world of SABL, so it’s no surprise that such things happen. Call it magick, “The Law of Attraction,” synchronicity, or mere coincidence… I call it a confirmation. I’m on the right path. Writing is more than a passion to me, it’s a purpose.

β™₯Β Β  β™₯Β Β  β™₯

Fellow authors/writers/artists… Have you come across anything similar?


11 thoughts on “Golden Heart Syndrome β™₯

  1. Absolutely! In my own on-going, mytho-poetic narrative (series?), it is as if it’s not only taken a life of its own, but mine, too… Eerie, mystical, ethereal … but refreshing, rejuvenating, enlivening, affirming and even healing. Writing is powerful: May we say one divinely-creative expression of the human soul in synchronicity with Life, as Life expresses itself in and through this divinely-creative, human expression?

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  2. For sure, as creative people I think our work is a part of our beings. We spend so much time with our stories and worlds that it’s hard not to notice little things that remind us of it. It might be weird to people on the outside looking in, but it’s almost like a romance.

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