Sought After Blood Lines – Excerpt IX

From Chapter 7 – Arrival

*This excerpt is from the first draft of Book 1. It has since undergone nearly
a dozen rounds of editing/revision, so the final form is a bit different.

After losing the king’s loot in human form, the four knights headed back to the castle, wondering if they’d get to see the suns rise at least once more.

Upon their arrival, the other three agreed that Haizar should be the bearer of bad news.

“My king. We lost her. But not all hope is lost. We’ll find her again.”

“What do you mean they’re gone?” King Zollamedes smashed his chalice on the table.

Haizar stepped forward a bit more, wiping some wine and sweat off his forehead. “My lord, it was Rito. He told those two to jump in the river—”

“I am not following.” He threw his napkin on the floor, stood up, and got right in Haizar’s face. “Tell me how five, now four of my best men could lose a young, feeble woman.”

“The lady,” another knight said. “She was with another.”

“Yes,” Haizar gulped. “He was a young man. Probably around her age. And was a [[spoilers]], too.”

“Two [[spoilers]]?” Zollamedes’ eyes ignited and he stepped away from Haizar. He allowed it all to sink in and kicked the chair he was sitting on.

“This is a good thing, my king. Now that we know that Prana River is the way out—”

Zollamedes got back in his face. “No. They have the way out. The union of two [[spoilers]] is powerful—more powerful than the two hundred year old spell that has kept everyone [[spoilers]] to Eternicca.”


Copyright © 2015 – Eva Xanthopoulos

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