Sought After Blood Lines – Excerpt VIII

From Chapter 7 – Arrival

*This excerpt is from the first draft of Book 1. It has since undergone nearly
a dozen rounds of editing/revision, so the final form is a bit different.

Vyvianna looked at Leonelle’s arm. “There you are. What’s that?”

“A book.”

“No the other green thing.” She pointed.

“Oh, this?” Leonelle handed the dress to her. “Go in there and try it on.” He motioned to the cave.

“How did you—?”

“Just try it on, Vyv.”

Vyvianna smiled and went into the cave to change. She threw her beige dress at Leonelle and came out moments later.

Leonelle’s jaw dropped. “You look… You are majestic.”

“It fits perfectly. Almost too perfectly. And the long sleeves… Gold trim too? You picked well.” She twirled around.

“It’s because I tried it on.”


“Uh, I didn’t mean that. I meant—Well, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you’re happy.”

“Thank you.” She put her arms around him.

“What should I do with this? Throw it out?” He held up the other dress.

“No.” She snatched it from his hands. “My mother made this for me. I can’t tell you how many times she patched it up for me.” She held it close, envisioning the final time her and Enide saw each other.

Copyright © 2015 – Eva Xanthopoulos

Protected by Copyscape Online Copyright Protection


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