Sought After Blood Lines – Excerpt VII

From Chapter 2 – Traces

*This excerpt is from the first draft of Book 1. It has since undergone nearly
a dozen rounds of editing/revision, so the final form is a bit different.

Vyvianna found all sorts of dying roots and shrubs, but nothing resembled Yolekin. Though she stuffed her pockets with any herb or berry she could find. The same yellow butterfly she saw going into town landed on her nose and startled her. It fluttered off and landed on a rock. She went up to it, hoping to find what she needed. “A rock? Thanks for nothing, butterfly.”

It flew away. Vyvianna picked up the rock and saw something indigo, so she dug around it with her bare hands until she could easily pull it out. She brushed it off and took a huge bite out of it, spitting some of it out due to the distinct bitter taste. She forced the rest down and took out the knife, pricking her index finger. The moment a trace of liquid went down it, she threw the knife and it got stuck on a tree trunk. She pulled it out and ran to the cave.

“You lied to me. How could you?” she said.

“Do not be ungrateful for what I have done.” Elebore stayed in the cave, but his fiery breath did not.


Copyright © 2015 – Eva Xanthopoulos

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