QUIZ: What Etherique Realm Kingdom Were You Meant To Live In?

Take it here: www.poll-maker.com/QQ2AFI

Feel free to share your results below. πŸ™‚

…I got Hrissa.
“What can I say? You have a heart of gold. Family and friends are extremely important to you and you love them more than anything. They’re often the ones you put first. You lead a life of compassion and unparalleled kindness, but be careful who you’re nice to and who you trust. Your aura is highly magnetic and people love being around you. Oftentimes, they can’t quite put their finger on it… There’s just something about you.”


4 thoughts on “QUIZ: What Etherique Realm Kingdom Were You Meant To Live In?

  1. I got Emeralde!

    “It’s true, you love nice things. While greed is a weakness of yours, that doesn’t mean you’re all green. You just have a keen eye for the beautiful, more material aspects of life, which makes a bit of an Aesthetic. You’re more likely to keep a promise or do a favor, if someone proves themselves to you and you know they’d to the same. Equality is very important to you.”

    Hmmm … don’t know about the “greed” part, but maybe I haven’t looked within myself intently enough? I’ve always tried to live a non-materialistic, charitable life. Oh well, this provides some good thoughts for meditation!


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