Sought After Blood Lines – Excerpt IV

From Chapter 6 – Discovery

*This excerpt is from the first draft of Book 1. It has since undergone nearly
a dozen rounds of editing/revision, so the final form is a bit different.

A new day rose in the Kingdom of Eternicca. The Eternal Mountains were greeted by the two globes’ splendor, but alas, the light never seemed to reach King Zollamedes—let alone his heart. He paced back and forth in his chamber and walked out onto his balcony to admire the vast land that belonged to him.

His servant, Marlow left a tray of a few red grapes and a piece of bread on his nightstand and didn’t dare to say a thing.

Returning from his morning routine, King Zollamedes stared at the tray, picked it up, and threw it against the wall. “Servant,” he yelled. “Return to my chamber immediately.”

Marlow rushed into the room and stared at the king, but again, stayed quiet.

“Five grapes and a piece of stale bread? Is this nourishment for a king?”

The servant shrugged.

“Answer me.”

“No, m’lord.”

“Is this nourishment for a servant?”

“Yes, m’lord.” Marlow started to clean up the aftereffect of the king’s temper tantrum.

“No. This shall not suffice for either of us.”

Copyright © 2015 – Eva Xanthopoulos

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