Sought After Blood Lines – Excerpt I

From Chapter 2 – Traces

*This excerpt is from the first draft of Book 1. It has since undergone nearly
a dozen rounds of editing/revision, so the final form is a bit different.

With only a tiny mark where her wound used to be, Vyvianna walked down the winding dirt road to the marketplace cradling an empty basket. Despite the heat, she made sure to wear her long-sleeve dress. Her pocket jingled with every step.

She came to a halt the moment she saw a bright yellow butterfly flutter by. Her eyes followed it as it landed on a dandelion. Vyvianna’s appreciation was short-lived when she ran straight into a young man and fell on both knees.

“Hey! Watch it—” He gazed straight into her eyes. “I mean… Hi. I’m so sorry. You okay?” He offered his black-gloved hand.

Copyright © 2015 – Eva Xanthopoulos

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15 thoughts on “Sought After Blood Lines – Excerpt I

  1. Hi,
    many thanks for following my blog.

    I’ve been thinking of starting a rough plan of an autobiography as I’ve led at times, a mad, bad & sad life especially in my teenage years/early 20’s that saw me arrive at some bizarre places. My partner has been constantly encouraging me that there’s at least ‘one book in me’, as they say in Ireland. My problem is that I’m quite shy about writing about my life. As a published author I’d appreciate any advice you feel you can give?

    Enjoying reading your writings, this is a real page turner.

    Adh mor ort a chara (good luck friend in Irish Gaelic)


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    • Hi Alex,

      Thank you for the kind words! 🙂 I’m glad you have a partner who is consistently encouraging you. You need to listen to them and to yourself! “My problem is that I’m quite shy about writing about my life.” Is that so much of a problem that it should keep you from writing this ‘book in you?’ No! Now, if you feel especially awkward writing a literal autobiography, maybe you can transform your life story into fiction. That takes the pressure off. I can definitely say that the protagonist in my fantasy book shares a lot of similarities with me (apart from the [spoiler], of course).

      A spiritual teacher that recently passed by the name of Dr. Wayne Dyer once said, “Don’t die with your music still in you.” You, like all of us, have beautiful music that needs to be heard!

      Good luck to you as well, my friend.


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